Sunday, December 16, 2007

Send those Ducks back to the pond

Way to go Husker Men's hoops team! Yesterday, the Huskers beat the #16 team in OT, 88-79. Plus the game was at Qwest and not at Devaney. Awesome! Alex Maric and Ryan Anderson had great games.

It's nice to see other people get pumped up at NU bball. There are those who think Creighton is the top men's program in the state.

But lookout, bluebirds. The second-year sheriff in Lincoln is proving that NU has a program worth watching.

Speaking of watching, why wasn't the game on FSN, as stated in the Omaha paper. We have Dish Network, and granted, we only get 2 of the oh - 30 - Fox Sports Network channels. But I kept going to those two to take a look at the game and guess what. It wasn't on. What's up with that?

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