Sunday, December 9, 2007

December 9 holidays

Let's start the day off with something delicious by celebrating National Pastry Day. I'd like a Napoleon from the Verdigre Bakery. Or a kolache would hit the spot too. This Czech bakery, located in small town in Northeast Nebraska, makes the finest pastries around. And they'll ship them fresh to your front door, so take a look at their site.

Day of the Horse is celebrated to remind people of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States. It's a Congressional resolution, so that makes it an official celebration. My grandparents had horses, three of them, and when I was young, one of the first things my sister and I, along with our aunt Joyce, would do was saddle up the horses and go for a ride. Very relaxing!

National Children's Memorial Day remembers all children who have died. Sponsored by Compassionate Friends, many communities hold ceremonies and light candles.

Weary Willie Day. An actual holiday? Seems it is in remembrance of comedian Emmett Kelly, who made the character famous, and was born on this day in 1898. Honor the act of clowning (around). Hey, if you're ever in Nebraska, check out the Klown Doll Museum in Plainview.

And finally, it's Christmas Card Day. I'm celebrating this day because I actually got my cards mailed out last Tuesday! That's a first for me. For the past, oh, 10 years, I have either handed them out at our family Christmas or I haven't sent any because I've been too busy or haven't had any energy to get them done. It is possible that I got them done early this year because there was a special announcement in the Christmas letter I included. Or maybe it's just that I sat down and made the time to get them written.

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