Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let it snow

Granted, it is December and there probably should be snow on the ground, but I prefer November's mildness to the flakes of white fluff raining down from the sky.

Snow brings images of ice, icy roads, drifts, cars buried in blanks, cars in the ditch, individual flakes drifting toward the ground, winter's gloominess, thawing roads, and eventually, mud.

Snow also produces wildlife, at least here in the foothills of Nebraska's Sandhills, foraging for nourishment. Rabbits, deer, pheasants, prairie chickens - all searching for food and shelter. Kind of like their own journey to Bethlehem, but this inn - the great outdoors - offers some relief.

Snow provides moisture for this blow-sand laden soil we are blessed with, which will hopefully produce a bountiful harvest during next year's planting season.

Snow means late-start school days, cancelled or postponed school activities, shoveling until your back aches, muddy boots inside the front door days.

It's beautiful, clean, and pristine. And when the sun shines against it, a thousand flashbulbs explode across the prairie.

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