Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10 fun

It's a slow day.

It's a Monday.

Only two noteworthy celebrations today. First, it's Human Rights Day. Celebrate universal human rights. A worthwhile event, definitely. Today's the 57th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including the rights of working individuals to collectively bargain for better wages and health care benefit, and safe workplaces. Think about people who work in underdeveloped nations, working for pennies a day for long hours. It's an injustice that must be eradicated.

It's also Nobel Prize Day. It's 6:30 CST, and I still haven't heard who won. This is an award that truly matters, so why isn't there a televised broadcast of the award ceremony, where we get to hear each winner thank everyone who's helped him or her along the way. And then, when he or she has spent too much time, the orchestra can strike up a chord and that will let the winner know time is running out. I'm partly being honest and partly sarcastic here (about the orchestra), but why don't we get to celebrate this honor? We watch the Academy Awards, the People's Choice awards, the Heisman Trophy crowning, the Nickelodeon awards. Why not the Nobel Prize?

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