Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23 wacky holidays

It's National Pfeffernuesse Day. If you don't know what a pfeffernuesse is, it's a spicy cookie that's a German tradition. You can find a very good recipe here.

Today is also Roots Day, to honor genealogists around the world. My mom is "big" into genealogy and has conducted extensive research into our family's background. She also helped a lady from the Omaha area research her background, and boy oh boy, what a story!

In the mood for popcorn? Popcorn Popping Day is today. I'm wondering if it's today because it would be the perfect time to string a popcorn garland for the Christmas tree. Or maybe you should pop some for popcorn salad for tonight's dinner. Or perhaps just pop some for a treat during football games.

And finally, celebrate Festivus, a pop culture holiday that actually got its beginnings on Seinfeld. The inventor, an editor for Reader's Digest, had a son who wrote for the Seinfeld show and the holiday surfaced on TV in 1997. Festivus includes the "airing of grievances," where you let people know how they've disappointed you throughout the past year. After dinner, there's a wrestling match, and if you pin the host, the holiday is declared as being over. A search at google reveals over 850,000 sites dedicated to this unholy holiday. There are even Festivus Poles.

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