Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19 fun

It's Look for an Evergreen Day. Most people probably have put up their Christmas tree already. I said 'most.' I haven't. We just don't have a lot of room, and part of my decorations are here; part are at the south farm in the Quonset waiting for our addition to be completed so I can store them. Anyway, I do have a average size fiber optics tree that I'm putting up today. Oh, and I also have an evergreen-scented candle, so at least it might look and smell like Christmas here.

Oatmeal Muffin Day. So, all you muffin lovers, whip up a batch of these treats. You'll be doing yourself a healthy favor since oatmeal is good for you.

And then you can do something unhealthy, unless you use moderation, and indulge in National Hard Candy Day. My favorite is the little white and red peppermints or starbursts. Second on the list is a lemon drop. And third would be a butterscotch disk. The peppermint soothes the stomach, and I find that it curbs the appetite.

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