Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reasons to celebrate December 27

Several reasons to have some wild fun today.

First, it's National Fruitcake Day. This might be one gift that you want to regift. Fruitcake originated during the Middle Ages. The fruitcake began as a holiday and wedding tradition. Once dried fruits started arriving in Europe from Mediterranean trade routes, Europeans started adding the dried fruit to cake batter.

During the 1700s, fruitcakes were baked at the end of a successful nut harvest and saved and eaten at the kick-off of the next year's harvest.

At one point, fruitcakes were banned from Europe because they were considered "sinful." From the mid1830s - 1900, fruitcakes gained in popularity once again. Even Queen Victoria would refrain from partaking of the hard, fruity cake for a year, thinking it showed restraint on her part.

An English wedding custom was for unmarried guests to take a piece of fruitcake home and place it under their pillow. Supposedly, the guest would dream of who he or she would marry. What a fruitcake of an idea! :)

If you are hoping for snow and there isn't any chance in the forecast, you can celebrate Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day. Maybe it's just a good way to keep the kids occupied during holiday break.

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