Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve celebrations

It's been 365 days since most of us made resolutions we hoped we'd stick with. And today, the time has come to re-prioritize what it is we hope to accomplish. These wacky celebrations might just help.

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day. Okay, so it's not really a holiday; it's merely an observance. According to, some scientists do not make the adjustment, but if they do, it's either made on this day or June 30.

Today is also Make Up Your Mind Day. I imagine it has to do with making resolutions for the new year. I never really suffer from not being able to make a decision, but I imagine there are many who over analyze everything and can't make a conscientious decision. It's a good thing I never over analyze.... ;)

Need some peace (and quiet)? Universal Hour of Peace Day affords people the chance to encourage peace around the world. World Peace Meditation Day also lets people around the world channel their energies for world peace.

Today is also Unlucky Day. You might be unlucky if you didn't follow through with all those resolutions you promised you'd stick to around 365 days ago, but I don't like to think of any day as unlucky. A southern tradition for New Year's Eve is to eat black-eyed peas at dinner because they bring good luck and prosperity for the new year. So if you think a streak of bad luck might be stalking you, load up on black-eyed peas. Pronto!

And finally, New Year's Eve celebrates the commencement of a new year and the ending of another.

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