Friday, December 7, 2007

Dec 6 celebrations

December 6 is a time to celebrate! Well, for some people it's a cause for celebration.

Miner's Day. I salute these people who risk their lives to travel into the depths of a dark, cramped, and dangerous mine. It's a dirty job and I would not like it. I think about all the mine cave-ins I've seen in the last 10 years. Scary. But the people who do this for a living deserve more. Of course, today could also be a celebration for the gold miner's who traveled across the wilderness over 150 years ago, looking for a pot of gold. Or at least a gold mine.

National Pawnbroker's Day. Interesting concept. Someone needs to sell something. You take it to a pawn shop where you get a small amount of the item's actual worth. And then the pawnbroker puts the item for sale for a large sum of money, making a nice profit. Ah, the American Way. Isn't free enterprise great?

St. Nicholas Day. This is the anniversary of the death of St. Nicholas. In countries where St. Nicholas is prominent, this is the day of gift-giving for the Advent season.

National Gazpacho Day. A tasty treat on a hot, sultry summer day. Cold vegetable soup.
But it actually is quite good.

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