Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Plotting Our Fields

Right now on the farm, we're beginning to formulate what to plant in the field. Scott's dad wrote up his plan; Scott responded with changes he'd like to make, and now, it will be time to order seed.

To me, some of this planning seems obvious. Soybean prices are high right now, and hopefully, they will maintain that level or even go higher. Corn is high, too, but the differential between the two crops amounts to nearly $7 per bushel. To me, it's a no-brainer. But then again, I'm not the farmer in the family.

I know that there will be a good mix of corn and soybeans, silage for the dairy cattle, and a new crop: popcorn.

One pasture will be leveled so popcorn can be planted there. I think it's a smart investment, but there is a wonderful windmill in the middle of that pasture that will probably have to be removed. It's not that the windmill is different from any of the others that dot the horizon of the Sandhills; instead, it's just the beauty of this one: a vine grows up the legs. Very impressive sight in the middle of a hot August afternoon. It is also a very impressive sight in the midst of winter when icicles dangle from the iron. I hate to see it go.

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