Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 8 weird 'n wacky holidays

Ever worked somewhere that just had an unpleasant tone? At some point, I think most of us experience this dilemma: we like our position, but the workplace just is not fun. Laugh and Get Rich Day offers the chance to enjoy humor in the workplace in addition to the enjoyment of the job. Spread the laughter; keep the moola!

Rebel Day isn't a reason to rebel against anything. The celebration is in honor of the 'legendary rebel' James Dean. It's his birthday.

Kite Flying Day, although set in the midst of winter (at least here in Nebraska), is a time to get outside and fly a kite. In South America on this date, multiple kite flying events are held. It's possible the celebration originated there. I own several stunt kites (wish I could sell them), and we used to go to several kite events each year.

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