Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb 4 Weird n Wacky Holidays

I was going to guess that the folks from devised Dump Your Significant Jerk Day, but I would be incorrect. By the way, today also kicks off Dump Your Significant Jerk Week. Perhaps the greeting card industry created this holiday as a means of breaking up with someone during the month of hearts. That way, all bases are covered: those who are in love and those are are falling out of adoration. Sounds logical!

I also guessed that the folks from created Spoiled Cats Day. But once again, I was incorrect. I couldn't find any factual information about the basis of this reason for the season, but I'm sure cats remember that they were the favorite companions of the Egyptian Pharoahs. That has to be what kicked off a long line of spoiled felines.

One such cat resides with my parents. His name is Nash, and he is extremely spoiled. In fact, I often joke that he gets more stuff than my sister and I ever got. OK, that's probably an extreme, but Nash definitely rules the roost. On the other hand, he has a hard life - my parents rescued him from a shelter after someone placed him in a garbage bag and dumped him off in a ditch. And he is a very pretty Snowshoe Siamese.

Liberace Day celebrates the classic piano tinklings of the overly-dressed piano player, Liberace.

The USO gets their own day, and today's the day. Why? Because the organization was formed in 1941 on this date. What does USO stand for? United Serviceman's Organization.

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Kristen King said...

I always get such a kick out of these random holidays and observances. I particularly like Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! I believe there's also Hug a Penguin Day or something to that end, but don't quote me on that one...

At any rate, just wanted to pop over and thank you for participating in the Inkthinker Query Challenge. I'm glad to have you on board as we head into the second month!