Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 9 wacky holidays

One of my sources tells me today is Corvette Day; however, after a little research (read that as Google doing the work), it appears that the push for National Corvette Day will make June 30 the actual holiday. So what to do? I imagine if you own a Vette you celebrate every day.

Today celebrates a phenomenon that changes frequently yet you can not control it. Weather Day celebrates the weather. I couldn't find any history or reason for this date to honor such a time-worn occurence. I thought perhaps the Weather Channel began operations on this date. But not so. A pretty interesting history of TWC is available. Here are some interesting weather tidbits throughout history for February 9.

How should one go about celebrating Toothache Day? Not sure I want to celebrate that one. But in a month that celebrates the biggest candy-selling blitz because of Valentine's Day, I imagine anyone who overindulges might experience a toothache.

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