Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 11 weird holidays

Now in its third year, Pro Sports Wives Day pays tribute to the women who sit in the stands and support their men out on the field. The group honors these sports widows/wives who endure hardships, volunteer relentlessly, and succeed in their own right. Check out the 2007 award winners.

National Shut-In Visitation Day gives you a chance to get off the couch and visit someone who deserves and would most definitely enjoy a visit. When one of my grandmas lived in a nursing center, we would visit whenever possible. And even when I moved five miles from that town, it still was difficult to always find the time to stop by. But I know she always appreciated it, and since I taught at the local high school, I always tried to make sure that I had students perform there during coffee time so I could also visit her. Everyone appreciated seeing the kids.

Some people don't mind being single. There were definite perks: you could clean whenever you felt like it. If you didn't want to wash dishes after dinner, they could wait until the next day. And if you didn't want to put on any makeup and stay in your PJs all day, you could. So if you fit this category, then Satisfied Staying Single Day is your day. So go ahead. Splurge. Buy yourself chocolates and flowers. It's your day!

A classic "sport" kicks off today. The Westminster Dog Show begins and showcases the best of the best canines. Now, I've never been to a dog show before, but it seems fun. Kind of reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte showed her purebred.

One small step for solidarity. One giant step for womankind. In 1937, sit-down strikers and the Women's Auxiliary Brigade won recognition from the United Auto Workers. White Shirt Day remembers the day the event occurred in Flint, Michigan.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day reminds me of my friend Courtney. One night when she was bartending at Michael's Cantina, some milk spilled on the lid of the cooler. She looked up at me, pointed to the puddle, and pretended to cry. It was hilarious! OK, maybe you needed to be there, but she is pretty witty!

At ancient universities in Scotland, the second Monday of February was known as Meal or Oatmeal Monday. Students lived in barren quarters and most meals consisted of oatmeal, which students would make into porridge. Since students' families lived a far distance from these universities, a three-day weekend was permitted so students could return home and restock their supplies. The tradition disappeared at the beginning of the 21st century; although a few universities still let staff have the day off.

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