Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 12 weird holidays

In honor of his birth, today is Darwin Day, bringing about international recognition of science and humanity.

Today is also the birthday of one of the most beloved presidents this country has known. Abraham Lincoln's birthday is no longer celebrated as a holiday by itself; instead, his birthday, along with George Washington's, became known as President's Day and is celebrated later this month. I can remember visiting the Lincoln museum and memorabilia in Springfield, Illinois, when I was growing up. I wonder if all the presidents' home towns pay homage to their native sons. Since I enjoy history, I really enjoy learning about and visiting these sites.

Safety Pup Day showcases Safety Pup, the dog who promotes Halloween safety, bicycle safety, and ID-a-Kid, among other programs. Safety Pup is the brainchild of the National Child Safety Council.

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