Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 13 weird holidays

Black Love Day started after holiday founder Ayo Handy-Kendi watched the movie Malcolm X. The day isn't all about love and kisses; its purpose is to promote peace. An interesting interview with Handy-Kendi explains how she started the event in 1993.

Employee Legal Awareness Day deserves just a bit more awareness. I searched the web to determine the origin, but I couldn't find out how the day came about. But I'm all for employees realizing the legal rights that they have.

If you despise your name, today is indeed your lucky day. Celebrate Get a Different Name Day by changing your name to whatever your you desire. Now, I always did this when I was little. I didn't like my name, so I just shortened it to Ann. And my youngest did it too: she didn't like how I spelled her name Courtney, so she started spelling it Kourtney. She got over it, and so did I.

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