Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jan 27 wacky holidays

Holocaust Memorial Day was established by the UN General Assembly as a day of commemoration to honor the victims of the Holocaust. The date is significant; Auschwitz was liberted on this day. I think this is one time period that should definitely be studied in school. I had students read Night by Elie Wiesel. First, it is only 95 pages, so that appealed to the students right away, but once they started reading, they would have it finished within two class periods, if not the day I assigned it. They simply would not put it down. Very good discussions based on the book!! It is a period we shall never forget, and it is still relevant today.

Thomas Crapper Day honors the man who supposedly invented the toilet. Separate the myth from reality here.

National Activity Professional's Day is set aside to honor activity professionals - those individuals who set up activities for nursing home and/or assisted living facility residents. When one of my grandmothers was in the nursing home, an outstanding activity director worked at the center. She always had interesting events. One of grandma's favorites was the musical entertainment. She also enjoyed Happy Hour and an occasional glass of wine. :)

Vietnam Day I'm not sure how this day came about. Research showed that a Vietnam Day committee met in May 1965 and a bomb blast occurred. Not sure if it is related to this or not.

National Chocolate Cake Day. Yum! German Chocolate cake is my favorite. Grandma L used to have one made for my birthday every year. It's definitely a comfort food!

Punch the Clock Day. Couldn't find any factual information about it, so I'll agree with the folks from over at Holiday Insights that it's all about the punch clock used in the workplace. Or maybe it's a play on words and really a day to literally punch the alarm clock.

Adoption Day really doesn't qualify as a weird or wacky celebration. Its intent is an honest one. The goal is to make the public aware of the number of kids in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. There are also sources that show this day is celebrated in November.

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