Monday, February 4, 2008

Jan 31 weird celebrations

Twist Off Day pays tribute to the invention in 1956 of the twist off cork. I know I'm certainly jazzed that this was invented.

Inspire Your Heart With Art is a sensory holiday. Visit an art museum or gallery and partake of all the splendid pieces. What emotions are evoked? Art is a visual picture; writing is art with words as the canvas.

Scotch Tape Day honors Richard Drew, an engineer with Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M). In 1925, he invented scotch tape, and just five short years later, he invented cellophane tape. Imagine how we would have to wrap packages and gifts if we did not have this invention. That's right. We'd use duct tape. :)

Brandy Alexander Day. Brandy. Cream de cacao. Cream. Who could ask for more? See how good of a mixologist you are at yumsugar.

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