Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feb 7 weird 'n wacky celebrations

First, today is my mom's birthday, and I certainly believe she deserves a shout out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! And, because she is a twin, my uncle probably should get a happy birthday greeting, too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE CEC.

Today also kicks off the Chinese New Year. 2008 is the Year of the Rat. I can remember visiting a Chinese restaurant in Culbertson, Nebraska, when I lived in the southwest part of the state, and they always had cool placemats that explained the Chinese New Year. And yes, they also had delicious food. Sweet and sour chicken was delicious! There are some pretty interesting facts about the Chinese New Year that I was unaware of, so if you want to learn more - and I suggest you do - check out this site.

Ever live next to people you don't care for? People who interfere with your daily routine? Neighbors who infringe on your property or peace and quiet? That's why I enjoy the country. Well, today you should try being friendly and see if they change their attitudes! Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor's Day offers a chance to make nice in the neighborhood and wave all four fingers, plus the thumb, at those who live closest to you. You might want to try it instead of just waving one certain finger. :)

Now, our closest neighbors are the people who milk for us. They are very nice and never bother anyone. Scott's parents live about 3/4 mile south. And a mile east is his bro and sis-in-law. I like to call it the "family compound." And please, family members, do not take offense to that name. It's not like we're out here plotting anything. We just all live in such close proximity that the name is kind of funny. Of course, I could be comparing us to the Kennedy clan. The dairy farm is the new Camelot? I think not!

Feeling like you could use some help with housework? Wish someone would take care of those monotonous chores you dread and put off until the piles of clean clothes blend in with the dirty ones? Maybe you need a robot. Then you could participate in Love Your Robot Day and give the bot the love it so obviously deserves. Right now, in the midst of juggling a speech season, writng for several publications, and dealing with every day life on the farm as well as my own life, I could definitely use a little extra help from Mr. Roboto.

Run For Your Life Day carries several connotations. Is it a silly holiday that promotes heading for the hills? Or is there a deeper meaning to his cause celebre? The answer is 'I'm not sure.' I couldn't find any rhyme or reason for this holiday.

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