Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jan 28 weird celebrations

Better Business Communication Day encourages professionals to improve their non-verbal skills in the workplace. Since almost half of a verbal message is interpreted by the body language accompanying the message, it's important that people key in on what a person is saying physically as well as verbally. This event is sponsored by the Corporate Speech Pathology Network.

I think I'm usually pretty good at this. It's possible that I developed this skill when I had to take an entire semester-long class in college about body language, non-verbal communication, and proxemics. You can easily tune in to what someone is saying by watching their actions.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day focuses on one of the most underrated packing materials ever created. The inventors of Bubble Wrap sponsor an inventors contest for young people. Need a creative way to use the packaged air or just need to entertain the kids? Check out the winners.

When I was in elementary school, our music teacher required us to have a kazoo. Today is National Kazoo Day. Now, sometimes it was fun to play the humming instrument, but other times, it became downright annoying. I think she was trying to teach us a bigger lesson - about sound and music - but like most fourth graders, we just didn't get it yet. Actually, the kazoo has an interesting history.

Hungry for something delicious and nutritious at breakfast? How about Blueberry pancakes? After all, it is National Blueberry Pancake Day. They make a great hot breakfast, plus the berries are antioxidant, so they are fairly healthy!

Not sure if the next celebration originated in Georgia, but a yearly Rattlesnake Round Up Day is held in Whigham, Georgia. Prior to the event, hunters venture out and find these deathly snakes. Then, by the time of the display, hundreds of rattlers are displayed. Informational shows about the rattlesnake are also given, and if you're lucky, you can pet one. Don't worry! The snakes are held by professional snake hunters.

The final celebration for this day is Clash Day. Sounds like a typical day held during Homecoming Week festivities. I could not find the origin of this holiday, so clash away in your own way!

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