Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jan 29 weird holidays and celebrations

Freethinkers Day celebrates the birth of Thomas Paine, a leader of the American Revolution and writer of Common Sense. Paine clearly stated his beliefs, and late in life, was imprisoned. Only six people attended his funeral in New York City. Sad, considering that he proposed the name The United States of America.

World Leprosy Day is a way to let the world know that leprosy, known as Hansen's disease, still affects millions of people today, especially those living in third-world countries. For more information, take a look at

The next celebration honors a flower that has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. Carnation Day serves as a tribute to the beautiful flower that symbolizes luck and love. Want to know what the different types signify? Check here.

Recent studies have shown that working on a puzzle a day reduces the chance of memory loss. Celebrate National Puzzle Day by working on a crossword or putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Corn Chip Day celebrates the crunchy taste of those addicting chips! Whether served plain or with salsa or nacho cheese, corn chips seem to have become a staple in most American pantries.
Baked Tostitos are always a good choice. But when I was pregnant the first time, I craved Fritos and salsa. It was my daily fix. That could explain a lot about that child!! :)

And my personal favorite holiday for today is Bubble Gum Sculpture Day. Personally, I've seen many attempted sculptures on the bottom of school desks, but the sculptures I'm talking about are made out of unchewed gum. I'm not sure how this celebration started, but the thought of creating sculpture out of bubble gum is funny. You can check out some interesting pics here.

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