Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6 weird n wacky celebration

Some food holidays are just plain out delicious, and others....well, they give pause and make us wonder why they are celebrated on a certain day. Today's food holiday - Bean Day - falls into the 'other' category. Now don't get me wrong. I like beans. And I like almost any kind of bean. I planted four rows of green beans in the garden last summer and my freezer is stocked with the delicious veggie. I enjoy black beans in taco soup. And lima beans are....good! But since there isn't any historical data to go along with this holiday, you can decide how you plan on celebrating it on your own.

International Respect For Living Day is a highlight of today. But this reminds me of the whole Celebration of Life month dilemma. Shouldn't every day be respect for living day?

Today also honors those 3 million plus who are known by the last name "Smith." Here's a great explanation of the holiday by its founder.

And if you aren't a Smith but are into namedropping, today honors one of literature's most enduring detectives: Sherlock Holmes. Did you know there are over 400 Sherlock Holmes societies around the world? A three-year-old article in the New York Sun takes an interesting look at these Baker Street Irregulars.

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