Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15 wacky holidays / celebrations

First, it's Basketball Day. Appropriate for this time of year, right? When I was younger, this was my favorite sport, but now that I'm older, I prefer volleyball. A good college game can be fun to watch though. Bring on March Madness!

Champion of the Month Day. You know, this celebration is listed on many calendars, but there isn't much information about the origins. I guess you can select your own champion of the month.

Humanitarian Day should be celebrated every day, but some people just can't play nice in the sandbox. But the celebration appears to have solid roots. Good information about how it all began is located here. I like the tagline: Convert one day into a life mission. Good motto!

And if you were wondering if there would be a food worth celebrating today, there is. It's National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day. I'd have a difficult time picking a favorite. Grapefruit juice is very refreshing, but so is orange juice. And, there's nothing like a little fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice to add to a beverage or food item. But on the Today Show the other day, a guest was promoting eating a piece of the fruit instead of drinking juice because of the high sugar content of the juice. And think about it: an orange has approximately 80 calories. A glass of OJ has close to 140 calories, and that's if you pour an eight-ounce glass. Most of us fill it to the rim!

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