Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17 weird celebrations / holidays

Today, the theme appears to focus on people, primarily customers. Two celebrations, Customer Service Day and Get to Know Your Customer Day, promote positive customer and business interaction. When a customer receives outstanding service, customers should commend those employees instead of only negative experiences.

Here's a good example of why you need to treat customers with respect. A friend of mine owns a fairly well-known restaurant in Northeast Nebraska. A waitress who worked there had quite an unfriendly disposition. She was rude to customers, never smiled, and was generally unpleasant to be around. One time, after this waitress had served their table, a couple left three pennies on the table. Now, my theory is that even a bad waiter/waitress deserves at least 10 % of the bill primarily due to the fact that most restaurants do not pay minimum wage and these servers rely on tips to make minimum wage. However, she had behaved badly when she served them. But, this waitress went to clean off the table as soon as the couple left, found the three cents, and chased them down in the parking lot and told them they'd forgot this on the table. She was fired. Immediately. Just my three cents worth..... :)

Kid Inventor's Day - KID - celebrates inventions by kids. Why is it celebrated on January 17? It's Ben Franklin's birthday. An official website mentions inventions by kids. No KIDding.

Today is also Judgment Day. I'm positive this has nothing to do with the Terminator movies. Honestly, I could not find any factual information about why this is celebrated on this date.

Today also honors St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

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