Friday, January 4, 2008

January 4 wacky celebrations

Man, I truly enjoy those folks at They have devised some crazy reasons to celebrate, and in the process, they've provided me, as well as others, moments of laughter. Today's reason to celebrate is Dimpled Chad Day. I like Wellcat's explanation of the celebration.

Now the next celebration is one that I certainly enjoy: Trivia Day. It's fun to impress friends and family with the mounds of useless knowledge I carry inside my mind. Actually, I think that has more to do with a photographic memory, which in my family, seems to be an inherited trait. One of my favorite things is to play trivia on the NTN network. Restaurants and bars across the country use the 20-question trivia format. You sign up at a place you frequent, play the 15-minute game, accumulate points, and move your way up the establishment's leader board. There are all types of trivia: general knowledge, music, retro TV, entertainment, sports, passport (geography), adult, football (you make the call). Dish Network offers the game through its satellite service; you can also play online. It just proves that all my years of reading (and coaching quiz bowl teams) finally paid off!

And on a more serious note, today is the celebration of the birth of Louis Braille. Find out more about his invention of the six-dot reading system.

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