Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coffee Time at the ranch

My grandparents owned a farm. I don't really remember Grandpa coming in from the field or chores for afternoon coffee, but that could be because I was playing outside and simply didn't notice.

But here, on our ranch, it's a major thing. Well, usually. Some days we skip it because of our schedule. Or because I'm not home to make anything! :)

But usually around 4 PM - that might seem kind of late, but when you eat lunch and rest from 12:30 - 2, break comes around 4 - we usually stop for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. In the summer, it's usually an iced tea break.

And you can't have coffee without dessert. Some days, it's just a cookie. Other days, we're finishing the last of the Better-Than-Sex cake that I whipped up a day or two before. Today, we'll finish the apple-peach pie.

It's a chance to relax for five or ten minutes before going back outside into winter's coldness. It's a chance to discuss the events of the day or what lies ahead for the remainder. Sometimes, we're quiet; other times, the local radio station plays in the background.

No matter what, it's a break from the hard work and long hours that are associated with farming.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can remember once in a while when there would be a break in the afternoon around 3:00 except when they were working in the field...then we would take the lunch break stuff to the field around 4:00 or so and they would work till dark. Evening meal around 8:00-9:00 maybe even 10:00. Nowadays that wouldn't work for me as it is BAD to eat and go right to bed....WOW what a person would gain in weight!!!!