Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19 weird and wacky holidays

For horror fans, today reigns as a special day. It's the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. The EA Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia, has a birthday celebration planned. And the city of Baltimore hosts a special birthday celebration each year for the city's most renowned author. The party includes theater performances, music, and a world famous toast to Poe at his grave site.

I always liked teaching Poe's short stories, although many students didn't always catch on to the symbolism. The Cask of Amontillado is probably my favorite. His poem, The Raven, continues to be an oft-quoted piece of literature, but my favorite Poe poem is Annabel Lee.

If the nation's national bird is more to your liking, you are in luck. This weekend in Eagle Days. Many of the state's Games and Parks Commissions are hosting eagle watching activities. I think Nebraska's celebration is held in December. A month ago, there was a bald eagle lurking around the north treeline of the farm. During deer season, some got a hit in the alfalfa field and skinned the deer there. A few days later, I saw the eagle near the carcass. Another spot about two miles south of us has several eagles living in the trees. They are interesting to watch.

The National Popcorn Board isn't sure if today is actually National Popcorn Day or if the celebration falls on Super Bowl Sunday. Either way, popcorn is a delicious treat! And one of the best ways to serve it is in a salad. I first had it about 20 years ago at a salad luncheon I attended with my grandma. Last year at Christmas, Cassie made it. It's super simple, but oh, so yummy!
You can use microwave popcorn, but I usually just pop some on the stove. Add water chestnuts, celery, and onion. Mix. Whip up a dressing made of about 1/2 cup of mayonnaise (depending on amount of popcorn), a tablespoon of sugar and pour on top. Top the salad with cheddar cheese and bacon bits.

For other popcorn recipes, visit the National Popcorn Board.

Feel like singing? Today is your today. Celebrate International Sing Out Day by singing. This celebration is the brainchild of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, a Chicago cartoonist and writer. Actually, she's an eventologist.

And finally, today is Tin Can Day. In 1825, the first patent for storing food in a tin can was awarded.

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