Friday, November 30, 2007

Pete and Re-Pete

You've heard the joke, right? Pete and Repeat went to the NCAA volleyball championships. Who won? Repeat. (drum beat and cymbal crash!)

Tonight, the Lady Huskers begin their quest for B2B or repeat champions in volleyball. Serving begins in 17 minutes.

Since we play in the coliseum, I imagine the coziness of the crowd and home court will be a major factor as the Ladies take on the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. Or are they Lady Jackrabbits. Hmmmm....people should really think about naming mascots. :)

I'm anticipating a big night from Tracy Stalls, who I believe is the most underrated, under appreciated players on the squad. The media generally target Sarah Pavan, Christina Houghtelling, and Jordan Larson, but Stalls is my favorite. She keeps her composure and seems like a genuinely fun and likeable young woman, who just happens to be an extremely wonderful volleyball player.

Let's go Huskers!

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