Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Bizarro Holidays

Once again, it's weird and wacky Sunday, and here I am with another dose of strange reasons to celebrate.

From the 18th to the 25th, Travelers with Disabilities Week salutes disabled travelers from around the world. A Google search located 81 sites, which quickly narrowed to 21 when I started surfing, I wanted to know who sponsored this week, but I was unable to find out.

It's been a good Sunday here. Attended Poinsettiafest 2007 at Shamrock Nursery in O'Neill. Awesome poinsettias! The burgandy-colored plants look fantastic this year. Scott enjoyed the painted ones.

But on to the project at hand: November 25. It's National Parfait Day! How about a peanut buster parfait from DQ? Yummy! Or I also like fresh fruit and yogurt layered into a delicious parfait treat!

It's also Alascattalo Day. Hmmm....sounds like some kind of mythical beast. Check out the beast's description here. Must be a fun time in Alaska today!

Another reason to celebrate today is because it is Shopping Reminder Day. Yeah. Like I need another reason to remind me that only have 30 days left until Christmas. Luckily, my family celebrates after Christmas, so I all can find great buys at bargain prices.

It's also International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day. Shouldn't we be celebrating this every day?

November 26 - National Cake Day. My favorite is German Chocolate with Pecan/Coconut Frosting. Homemade, of course. My grandma always had this kind of birthday cake for me.

November 27 - Pins and Needles Day. Are we supposed to be waiting in suspense all day, hoping something excites us? Or do we laud our appreciation onto these sewing objects. Actually, it's the celebration of a Broadway play. Check it out. On this day, you can also enjoy a slice of heavenly Bavarian Creme Pie and be en vogue.

November 28 - The huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is lit today. I've been there, I've seen the tree and skaters. Cool. Very cool. Literally. :)

If you're the crafty type, you could make a mold of your head and celebrate Make Your Own Head Day. Okay, maybe it's more of a thing that school kids would enjoy.

Or, you can start the day with a delectable breakfast of French toast. This is one of my favorite breakfasts to make. Eggs, a little sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon whipped to a frothy mixture, dip thick slices of bread, and cook. Baked french toast with pecans, strawberries, and blueberries is always good, too!

On Thursday, November 29, you'd better send a greeting card to your best friend. And not just any greeting card. It has to be an e-card. Wonder who kicked of this holiday? Or take your best friend to a square dance. Or maybe your friend prefers chocolate. Buy a box in honor of National Chocolate Day. And if that fails, have a party to honor the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Friday, November 30, sounds like a good day to call in sick to work, but only because it is Stay Home Because You're Well Day. You can probably get a lot of work accomplished on this day. I imagine if you're self-employed, you could take the day off too. Or if you're like me, it's an idea day. :)

Mark Twain was born on November 30. Whitewash the fence or attend a frog jumping contest. Either way, I'm positive Mark would have some good humored comment on the human condition.

Check out your anti-virus program today in honor of Computer Security Day. Also, it's Meth Awareness Day. Not a reason to celebrate, but people need to be aware of the dangers of this epidemic that is plaguing middle America.

Enjoy a good mousse for dessert? Good, because it's National Mousse Day. We're talking pudding here, folks, not the furry animal.

December 1 - National Pie Day. What's my favorite? I think it depends on the time of the year because I really like pecan pie, but usually in the fall. Peach pie is good in the summer. Mulberry or blackberry or strawberry - early spring, mid-summer delight. Cherry sounds good too, though. Lattice top crust. Maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Just like I used to get every year for my bday from my babysitter and her sister.

World Aids Day is today. I understand that a portion of the AIDS quilt is coming to Omaha. I'd like to check it out. Day With(out) Art Day began in 1989 to remind people that AIDS affects everyone and anyone. It does not discriminate. Let's pay tribute in a positive manner.

Skywarn Recognition Day honors the SKYWARN radio volunteers and their contributions to the National Weather Service.

And if you need a little fun and excitement, ditch the glasses while working on the puter in honor of Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day. Trust me. I've ditched them. I need them, but I can't afford them, so I'll stick with the glasses I have - that seem to do just fine - and keep working. Okay, honestly, I don't want them because I equate bifocals with aging, when in reality, it's about my eyes deteriorating. Which technically, means I'm aging. I just refuse to admit that I am, because once I do, I will feel old. And I'm not!

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