Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dancing....with a mistake!

ABC's popular Dancing With the Stars is at the point where voting gets interesting. The worst dancers have been sent packing. The mid-level dancers pick up the pace and try to perform at the top level. Sometimes they succeed; often, they don't. And then the true leaders of the pack shine like the skimpy rhinestone-studded outfits they wear.

But this week, a travesty occurred. I have to agree with the three judges: Cameron is gettin' his groove on. After a slow start, his performances continue to improve each week. But never did I expect that cutesy Cheetah girl Sabrina would be done. She's got style. She's got power. And maybe, like the judges pointed out, too much power at times. But the bottom line remains that she could dance!

So now there are some tough decisions to make. I like Jane Seymour. She's classy and for a 56-year-old, she looks fantastic! She even says so herself! Marie Osmond is cute, in the Osmond family kind of way, but is she as good or better than Jane? Helio is one of my favorites, too. He and Julianne have chemistry and it shows when they dance. Cameron's getting better. Mel B is great, and her love/hate relationship with partner Maks makes it worth watching.

I think the weakest dancer is Jennie Garth. She just doesn't....make me take notice when she's on the floor. You can be a weak dancer with a good partner and come across as being ok. So she relies on her 90210 and Lifetime movie fan base for votes.

And in this case, that's where the problem is with Dancing. The three technique judges are only half the battle. The other half is getting the popular vote. And why would you keep voting for someone just because you like a show they have been in when they clearly are not the best dancer. The popular vote - though a necessary part - doesn't always guarantee that the best dancer reigns victorious.

It happened during season one. Let's hope it doesn't happen this time.

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