Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Than a Memory

He's been away for quite awhile, but now he's back. And he's better than ever!

Garth Brook's new video - More Than A Memory - is one of the most touching videos I've seen. I heard Garth talk about the concept on a show on GAC . He discussed what it feels like to lose someone you love, when that person moves on, and you can not forget them. In the video, from the time the radio alarm goes off in the morning until Garth crawls back into bed at night, rain falls down around him. It's dark, but it's so startlingly real. It's a feeling that is slow to fade away. Honestly, I'm not sure if a memory ever disappears.

It's the same when someone you love leaves this earth. You feel like it's raining every day. You know you'll never see that person again. Never laugh with them. Or cry. And if the death comes as a surprise, the rain seems like it will never end. It's a constant storm of what ifs and unanswered questions.

It's awesome to watch the video in an artistic sort-of way, but it hits home in other ways. I wanted to include a link so people could check it out if they hadn't seen it; however, CMT does not have a link for the video.

But on a lighter note, I"ll include a link to one of my favorite videos by Mrs. Garth Brooks - Trisha Yearwood. The song is Georgia Rain. She has a beautiful voice!

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