Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally....dancing sends her back to 90210 (or Lifetime)

Jennie Garth - your zip code is calling. And finally, voters sent her back parcel post to 90210.

It's not that I don't like her, but I don't think she is one of the top dancers on Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, there are probably many fans who don't think Marie Osmond deserves to be in the finals. But I have news for those people. While she might miss a step or two on the floor, she has the charisma to draw viewers in and help them realize that ballroom dancing is fun!

I expect Helio and Mel B to make it to the final two. And that's a tough choice. Helio is goofy but a good dancer. Mel is a good dancer but is rough around the edges. That's what makes good drama! Oh wait, this is dancing.

One of the funniest parts of last night's results show was when former dancers were shown in dance rehab: Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Laila Ali (my favorite all-time dancing with the stars star). Priceless!

I'm not sure who will win because you can never outguess the voting public, but it should be an interesting show.

Let's dance!

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