Friday, November 23, 2007 - Lincoln, Nebraska - Opinion - Editorial - Lincoln, Nebraska - Opinion - Editorial

The fact that a PARENT created the "Josh Evans" account/character makes you wonder what type of character and parent this person is. And is this parent ultimately responsible for Megan's death? Did the adult or the other teen who knew the password write these nasty messages?

Those who cyber-bully others are the worst type of predator. They hide behind a blind of anonymity and demolish other's esteem. And since a parent is involved in this case, what does that say about the role adults play in a young person's life? I wonder what that teen thinks about his or her parent's behavior.

Until parents act like parents and serve as role models for their children, the reflection will follow from one generation to the next.

I hope Megan's parents can find some positive motivation out of this senseless death. Maybe a lawsuit against the parents/neighbors who wrote the fake profile and drove Megan to suicide will help some, but there needs to be consequences for those who bully in cyberspace.

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