Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Author's Day...among other days

November 1 marks the celebration for National Author's Day. I enjoy many author's works, ranging from Twain, Lee, and Fitzgerald to modern writers including Picoult, Patterson, and Berg.

Right now, I'm on a Jodi Picoult kick. I'm reading Nineteen Minutes. It's about a school shooting and flashes between the present and the events which precipitated the shooting. Last year during Christmas break, I read My Sister's Keeper. This book's premise is about two sisters - one who is healthy, the other needs a transplant - and the ensuing legal battle and family divide created by the sister's decision.

What I like most about Picoult's writing is her sense of character development. There is empathy for even the worst character. That is the balance every author should strive for.

James Patterson is another favorite author. His books are fast reads primarily because I like how the chapters are relatively short. Even when I'm tired, I might read 20 chapters and feel like I've accomplished something, although it might only be 40 pages worth of reading. I don't always like how the books seem to have a formula, but he generally captures my attention.

Basically, I like to read anything. I guess I was lucky enough to develop good reading habits when I was young and those habits have continued with me as I've aged. Too many people do not enjoy reading. And the lack of strong reading habits shows up in schools and the workplace far too often.

Today is also National Men Make Dinner Day, but since my man took me out for dinner last night, I'm sure the chances of him cooking something for me tonight are....lean. Maybe he'll throw together a roast beef sandwich for me after I tell him the significance of today.

Or maybe he'll let me go hungry.

Nah, he'll expect sustenance tomorrow.

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