Sunday, November 18, 2007

This Week's Wacky, Weird, Bizarre, Silly Holiday Celebrations

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Or just looking for something to do - oh, maybe to add a little spice to your life? This week is packed with reasons to get together for a party.

November is "National" something month for 34 different causes and events. A few of my favorites include Peanut Butter Lovers' Month (mmmmm, peanut, peanut butter and jelly), Vegan Month (ok, I've been trying to incorporate a bit more red meat into my diet, but.... veggies, cheese, and eggs just taste better), National Georgia Pecan Month (very yummy), and NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month (yup, I'm still reworking my YA novel).

But this week there are some worthy week-long reasons to celebrate.
  • National Farm-City Week - Honoring the men and women who earn a living from the land and the people who eat (and drink) it. Guess that includes dairy farmers, so we will definitely have to celebrate this week. Pour me a glass of the cold white stuff! :)
  • National Family Week - a worthwhile reason to get together (most likely on Thursday) to celebrate and give thanks with the fam.
  • National Game and Puzzle Week - Scrabble is one of my favorite board games, although we really don't get much time to do anything like that. But, I do the crossword puzzle every day. Research shows if you do a puzzle a day, the chances of Alzheimer's Disease decreases. So.....grab the paper and conquer that crossword!
  • National Bible Week - Encouraging everyone to read the Bible. One of my favorite passages is from Song of Solomon: "Kiss me again and again, for your love is sweeter than wine."
  • And, Better Conversation Week begins on the 19th and ends on the 25th. The celebration began in Seattle in 2001 and is sponsored by the Associated Leaders of Urban Debate (ALOUD). Speaking from personal experience, people need to learn to communicate beyond the "man, isn't this great weather!" syndrome that affects most conversations. Talk, listen (not just hear), and open up!

And for a day-by-day breakdown of this week's hot times:

November 18 - Mickey Mouse Day (my dad has an original Mickey doll). It's also Married to a Scorpio Support Day and Push-button Phone Day.

November 19 - Have a Bad Day Day. Thanks. Like people need encouragement to be negative!

November 20 - National Adoption Day, Absurdity Day, and Name Your PC Day. I think I"ll call mine Del(l).

November 21 - False Confession Day (right. Like that's a good idea), What Do You Love About America Day (freedom), and Pumpkin Pie Day (sounds good to me).

November 22 - Turkey Day (ok, technically it's Thanksgiving, but that bird gave its life for this feast), and Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Day (wonder who started this holiday).

November 23 - National Cashew Day (several nuts have celebrations this month), Flossing Day (shouldn't every day be a flossing day? My dentist always tells me that!), and Buy Nothing Day (it's not a difficult task when there isn't a lot of extra cash).

November 24 - International Aura Awareness Day. Reminds me of a line from the Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous - You're aura! It's purple! What? It's purple! (Maybe you need to see the movie to appreciate it. I wonder what color my aura is? And more importantly, how can I find someone who can tell me what color it is.

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