Monday, November 19, 2007

When it rains....

I know I've mentioned before that a writing "guru" I respect believes in the rule of 13: she keeps 13 article queries in the works at all times. I had planned on getting to 13. Honestly, I did. But when I reached magical number 7, the work began rolling in.

And now, there are times when I feel like I've created this monster. Okay, perhaps it isn't that bad. Actually, I feel like I'm finally working toward something that will pay off in the long run.

Freelancing is hard work.

You have to stay motivated. No problem there.

You have to organize time and effort. No problem there.

You have to write. Every day. No problem there.

Someone used to chastise me because I wrote in a journal every day. It wasn't an outline of a grand novel. It was personal writing about things that bothered, amused, confused, or humored me. The problem was I'd get so caught up in other parts of my writing life - like complaining that I did not have enough time to write what I really wanted to write - that I would quit journaling for a month or so.

And then I'd be back at it, journaling every day. And life would continue to throw curves that diverted my attention from writing.

The problem is this: If you truly want to write, you find the time. Well, I truly want to write, and I have found the time. I enjoy it! And I am confident that someday, my big break will happen. It might not be a multi-million dollar book contract. It might not include a whirlwind book tour (does that even happen?). It might simply be an assignment that gets noticed by an editor at some publication who likes my work and wants more.

And, that's one benefit of blogging. It serves as an outlet for your writing. If I don't blog every day, I feel the pangs of guilt riddle me throughout the day. Did you blog yet? the little voice says inside my mind. You know you have things to say it reminds me.

But I digress today. Back to the rule of 13. I have four articles due for a website, a narrative essay for a regional publication, several book reviews to complete, a newspaper article about a local artist, and a double trunk feature for another newspaper. Plus, I still have five queries that I am waiting to hear back from.

It's glorious. It's hectic. It's a writer's life.

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