Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's A New Sheriff In Town

There's an excitement in the Husker football air today. Actually, it's been there since the clock in the NU - Texas game showed about 1:52 remaining in the fourth quarter. That's when backup QB Joe Ganz made his way onto the field and wowed the Husker faithful with a touchdown and two-point conversion. The outstanding part about his play - he proves he can pass and run the ball - which will give Nebraska's offense a fresh look today.

Ganz has spent his time on the bench, and if the Huskers win today, and then go ahead and post victories against KSU and CU, many people will wonder why the Huskers invested so much faith in Sam Keller. They'll say Ganz should have received earlier chances, which is true. But you can't deny Keller's performance. For the most part, he proved he could throw the ball. Could he run? Not so well. Did he make poor decisions on the field? At times, but so do other players. Plus, he does not determine which plays are called, so you can't always blame Sam.

Today's game will be interesting for several reasons. Will there be a renewed energy among team members? Will the defense show the blitz package that dominated last week's game until late in the game? Will the Huskers upset #8 Kansas on their home field?

Let us hope the answers to these questions are YES!

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