Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Husker v USC - How much is a ticket worth?

How much would you pay to attend the Husker v. USC game on September 15? According to a story on, some ticket prices are as high as $4,800 dollars.

Now I'll admit it - I've never had to pay over the face value for a ticket. My parents have season tix and we use those tickets. There have been a few times I've let my kids take those seats and I've bought a ticket outside the stadium, but I have never had to pay more than the face value set the the University.

I'll also admit that I know I wouldn't pay that kind of cash for a seat in Memorial Stadium. As much as I enjoy Husker football, I can't justify that kind of expense. Yes, it's a big game. ESPN Game Day is coming to town on Thursday. People have been discussing it in small-town coffee shops big-city bars since last year's game in Pasadena. There's hype, there's tradition, there's an electricity buzzing around the state contemplating the "what if we beat the Trojans" scenarios.

But is it worth $4,800? Maybe if it were the National Championship game.

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