Saturday, September 8, 2007

Give me a newspaper

I'm listening to the Husker pre-game show, and I'm feeling a sense of disconnect from the world right now. As much as I enjoy living in the country - in the middle of nowhere - along the fingertips of the Sandhills, there are days when it seems like the world is so far away and I'm scrambling to hear a single piece of news.

Yes, there's satellite tv with locals and the radio offers a variety of AM/FM stations, but it's just not enough sometimes, and I can't quite get a handle on why it isn't enough. The local radio station is very local - 30 miles away. There's Lincoln, Kearney, and Hastings tv stations available on satellite.

I want more. What I miss is the feel of the newspaper. We could subscribe to the Omaha paper, or even the Norfolk news, but it comes through the mail and the news is a day behind. But there is just something about holding the pages between your fingers and smelling the ink on the newsprint and that is really what I miss about living here.

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