Friday, September 14, 2007

Countdown to Game Day

It's the eve of . . . OK, it's the day before the . . . actually, tomorrow is one of the biggest hyped games in Husker history. USC is in town, and it's #1 vs. #14. Big game. The USC Trojan marching band travels to Lincoln. Will Ferrell is dropping in from Hollywood. Guessing Larry the Cable Guy will be in the skyboxes. And ESPN's Game Day is live from Memorial Stadium.

Sure, there have been other games of monumental importance before this one. But the last time I really remember this much hype was when Nebraska played a pumped up team from Oklahoma and we ended up losing. Badly.

I've heard talk this week about what the Huskers need to do to win, what the Huskers shouldn't do in order to stay competitive, and what the Huskers should do to survive this slugfest with the number one team in the nation.

One of the best pieces of advice I heard from a sideline coach was that Nebraska shouldn't have Sam Keller pass until there's two minutes left in a quarter or right before the half. He's proven he's a two-minute man.

What he hasn't proven is that he's able to perform consistently. He looks tired, and at times, he seems unsure of the offensive scheme. Not a good sign from the leader on the field.

Another sideline coach thinks we should revert back to what Nebraska does best: run the option. Wouldn't that throw those California boys for a loop? But in a sense, the idea of returning to the running game of old - even if just for this game - isn't a bad thought. I wonder if Coach Bill has considered it.

My first prediction is Huskers winning 15 - 14. Not sure if we can keep those maroon and gold uniforms to only scoring twice. Maybe a more realistic score would be 24 - 21. Huskers on top.

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