Sunday, September 2, 2007

Football, Family, and Quickies

Spent yesterday watching the Huskers with the extended family in the bro-in-law's garage. Interesting concept, hanging out in the garage, downing a few beverages, munching on the goodies, cheering on the Big Red machine.

Looked a bit shaky there in the first quarter. I could just hear the guy who sits behind our seats in Memorial Stadium complaining about Sam Kellar. See, for about the last four years, he's complained about every quarterback. I remember the first year after Joe Dailey had graduated and the guy behind me was voicing his opinion quite loudly - or should I say he was coaching from the grandstands - about the new QB and why he shouldn't be playing. Finally, my daughter turned around and said, "Hey, I bet you wish Joe Dailey was back here, huh." One of the funniest moments in Husker football history. Okay, maybe only one of the funniest moments in Husker football history if you sit in Section 30 and have to listen to this guy. I know quite a few people got a good chuckle out of her comment, and since that time, the armchair coaching has quieted down some.

Also looks like the Huskers will have a good season, although I'm still not sure about how they'll handle the "big game" teams coming up on the schedule. It's going to take a stronger mental attitude, not only from players, but from fans. And I'm positive I'll take a lot of guff for this comment, but it's only football. And, these young men are between 17 and 23 and shouldn't shoulder the weight of the game for all of the State. They are, after all, human. And part of being human is that life is unpredictible.

Reminds me of another Husker story - when Nebraska played in the Big 12 championship game and lost. Some friends of ours were at our house, along with my parents, cheering for the Huskers. Well, Nebraska lost. My friend was complaining about not being able to win the championship. After a few minutes of listening to him, my mom told him that the sun will still come up tomorrow and life will go on.

The next morning, it was cloudy. :)

What's that tell you about Husker football?

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