Monday, September 3, 2007

Along the road to Winston-Salem

Looks like Wake Forest's QB Riley Skinner will miss the game this week. How will that affect the outcome of Saturday's game? Let's look at some of the other factors.

How many Husker faithful will be in the stands? Might not matter since Grove Stadium only holds 34,000 fans. I'm betting that at least 15,000 of them will be from Huskerland. And hopefully the fans who are there will show why they are the best fans in college football.

The Huskers can not look a week ahead and glimpse the future if they upset USC. It's cliche, but it's true: you have to take it one week, one opponent at a time.

Keep the running game going strong. They provided 400+ yards in Saturday's stomping of Nevada. Marlon Lucky had an outstanding day! Walter Camp player of the week award winner, too! Great start!

Kellar has to connect. Heard alot of comments saying he needed to make sure he connects with his receivers, but come on folks, that's a two-way street. The receiver also has to catch the pigskin, especially when it's right in the pocket. Too many dropped passes the other day, but quite of few of them were dead on.

Let's go Huskers!

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