Monday, October 8, 2007


I made a deal with myself that I would write an entry each day this month. Hmmm. I'm already behind. Sometimes life just interferes: the 6:30 a.m. wake-up call asking me to substitute teach, the scheduled substitution day, and then Sunday, when I didn't care if I did anything. It was a rainy fall day and it felt best to be in bed, curled up under the quilt, drifting between sleep and the NFL.

So today, I'm mad at myself for not having much writing done. It's just that there never seems to be enough time. Or maybe I'm just such a good procrastinator that I can find any excuse not to write. No, that's not true because I usually do produce some piece of writing each day.

It's just that there are only 24 hours in a day, and I could fill them all with writing. And then, the interruptions set in. Like right now, when I had to make sure dinner wasn't burning because torched brats and crispy sauerkraut don't sound appetizing.

One thing I did decide this weekend, with the help of Scott, is that mornings are going to be spent working on magazine articles while afternoon hours are for the young adult novel I started four years ago and another novel (subject is top secret) that I'll begin when I'm finished with the other one.

I've had the idea for book #1 since my oldest daughter was a high school junior and I watched her love of a game disappear because of an insensitive and unrealistic high school coach. But it wasn't until this weekend that I decided I want to reformat the chapters and have the young girl tell her story in a chapter and the next chapter will be from her mom's point of view. I hope it works. I'll save the old file just in case. I'm not sure if will ever be published, but it's been a good exercise in forgiveness.

Book # 2 - well, I've had that idea for 10 years or more but the characters never talked to me until recently and I was able to start fleshing out the details of their lives. Scott had some good ideas and thought we should just make it into a movie, but hell no, I want to be able to option it into a screenplay some day. :)

As I reread this entry, it seems kind of surreal - like a Seinfeld episode. There might not be a point to the casual reader, but there's wisdom in it from my perspective.

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