Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Peace and quiet

In some ways, today has been a typical day on the farm: the new (read that as used) combine arrived so it's time to start picking corn, the dairy cattle were fed, the laundry basket overflowed, the tractor needed a new part, and the Nebraska wind blew sand into our house, which means I will have to dust furniture. Again. That's happened every day this week!

But in other ways, today has been non-traditional. I watched the first hour of the Today Show and then shut off the tube. I listened to the local radio station for about an hour. I shut out the world and went for a walk to the north pasture, dodging grasshoppers along the path, listening to the birds sound their alert, feeling the warmth of an 80-degree sun beat onto my back. It was refreshing and a much-deserved break. And I've written quite a few things today.

Peace and quiet is a good thing, and there are times when I crave it. I remember when I went to grad school at Northwestern one summer - actually ten years ago - and the only entertainment in my dorm room was the radio. I would occasionally watch the local news on the big screen TV in the lobby, but usually, I received all the information I needed to know from this amazing Chicago FM station. That summer, I discovered the power of quietness. Silence used to bother me. Not any more.

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