Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did the Huskers listen to Lou Holtz?

Huskerland travels to Austin, Texas, today for what is sure to be an interesting game. In fact, the last six have been decided by a four-point margin or less.

But what I'm really interested in is whether or not the Huskers listened to former coach Lou Holtz give his pep talk on ESPN. Holtz mentioned some valid points, but his primary comment was 'if we didn't show up, who would care?'

That's right. Who would care if the Huskers didn't show up? Some fans wouldn't, because some fans have been bashing the players from behind the bench. True red Husker fans might express disappointment, but they would not tell players 'they suck' as a defensive player pointed out this week in the Omaha World-Herald.

Sure, there are plays and games that are disappointing, but that's a fact of life. Someone will win and someone will lose. It's just that we have become so accustomed to winning that it is difficult to understand the losses. But what is at stake in Lincoln is more than winning and losing. It is the loss of tradition, the end of an era, and everyone who is associated with Husker football - from the youngest fan to the Chancellor of the university - needs to realize that this is the one element that unites most Nebraskans. This is a matter of pride.

If you play your hardest and give 100 percent and suffer a loss, it is tough, but at least you know you have given your best performance. If you play with half a heart and are clearly out of shape - physically and mentally - then maybe you should be on the sideline and let a player who is willing to honor the tradition enter the game.

So, Huskers, if you didn't show up, I would care. I've been watching Husker football since - well, probably from birth - but I can definitely remember seeing games on TV before I sat in Memorial Stadium for the first time. And you know, there are thousands of other fans who feel the same way.

If people didn't truly care about the state of the team, would people be talking about the team as much as they are?

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