Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's A Beginning

After speculation and complaints from fans and boosters, NU fired AD Steve Pedersen. A collective sigh of relief could be heard across the State. But fans need to remember: it's just the beginning.

The state of Husker Nation is still uncertain. The AD, although responsible for the running of the department, did not control the football team. He did not tell them what plays to run. He did not attend each practice and make sure that players were fundamentally sound (which we see they aren't).

What he DID do is hire this coach and coaching staff, and unless something changes in Lincoln, unless we regain the loyalty, pride, and traditions, then what will we have really gained?

Most people are hoping legendary coach TO is named interim AD. It's a logical choice; he's well-respected and he knows how the program should operate. But there's a fear there too. If the current staff is canned, the interim AD will be responsible for naming a new head coach. And what if that coach doesn't win right away? Will Husker Nation turn against Tom? Against the new coach?

One thing is certain: a new AD will probably guarantee a new coaching staff. That change will be welcome. But fans need to remember that it is going to take time for the wounds to heal and for this team to return to dominance.

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