Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will we ever finish harvesting?

Right now, I'm beginning to think we will still be in the field at Christmas. Ugh! Haven't been in the field for a week now, due to rain. Since it's mid-October here in the Cornhusker state, you have to wait for the sun to come out and the wind to blow to dry the field and beans out a bit.

It rained some Thursday night. Too wet yesterday. Tried this afternoon and it is wet. Husband thinks it will be dry enough around 6 p.m. Guess that means he will be in the field and I will be here writing, cooking and cleaning. That's the way life goes.

Have a quarter and a half of soybeans to finish. Then we will switch combine heads and pick corn.

Last year, we bought a used JD combine. Could have bought a used Case-IH that was in great condition for a few thousand more, but no, had to get this one. Then when it arrived, had to sink another $15,000 into it. Sure made the farmer in my house upset with the farmer's father who lives down the road. :(

In fact, I had to drive the combine a few times while husband was on the front of the head, raking the corn into it. Yes, he had built a "safety stand" so he didn't fall. That was extremely nerve-wracking! I think I only drove 3 miles per hour. Part of the problem was a wind storm that came through and bent the stalks. We haven't had a wind storm like that this year, so hopefully, the combine will smoothly glide over the cornfield.

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