Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Upgrades in the Dairy Barn

We installed a new tank in the dairy barn. The 65,000 gallon tank sits on a cement slab outside of the building. Part of the new addition is completed; the east and south walls and roof are finished.

The good thing about the new tank is that in case of inclement weather, we'll be safe if the milk truck from AMPI doesn't get here for a day or two. We can fill the big tank and if the weather is atrocious, then we can start filling the inside tank, also.

Costly little venture, but in the long run, it will pay for itself.


Anonymous said...

65,000 is the bigest tank I have ever herd of are you sure it is that big/

Annie said...

Nope, I'm pretty sure I made a typo. It's around an 8,500 gallon tank. 65,000 would fill the slurry store (according to my husband, who was chuckling about my typo).