Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics and Premises

Normally, I wouldn't write about politics because it seems like people don't always show respect to another person's opinion, especially when it comes to politics.

I've been watching segments of the Democratic convention, and next week, I'll watch segments of the Republican convention. Am I undecided? Heck no, although last week I still didn't feel confident with the candidate I more than likely will vote for. I watch because I enjoy politics. I like the process. I like Hillary. And I agree with Barack Obama. On Tuesday night, Hillary Rodham Clinton rocked the house!

Yesterday, on a social networking platform I use, a woman wrote this post: "Hillary. Gotta love her.......NOT!"

I couldn't let it go. I responded that Senator Clinton is an intelligent, strong, powerful woman and a lot of people find that intimidating.

No response.

Maybe I intimidated her.
In the scheme of things, I think that premise of mine is spot on. Hillary is definitely intelligent. She has shown it in the work she chooses to do and the causes she supports. Hillary is strong. She has shown that trait in the strength of adversity. And Hillary is powerful. She definitely is powerful. She has shown that in situations, including the convention, and she will continue to showcase her power through her time as Senator and whatever else she elects to do.

To me, she represents the notion that a woman can - and will - be president. And I'm not sure who else is even close on the horizon to be at that spot. I would like to think that in my lifetime, a woman will lead the White House - and not as First Lady as the hostess with the mostess at some State dinner party.

I also think that on Tuesday evening, she showed that even in the face of adversity, sexism, and unfairness, she does possess a sense of humor. Her "to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" comment made me laugh and even made me cry knowing that 18 million other people thought she was the best candidate.

But life isn't always fair. Sometimes people cast judgment based on prior events. Sometimes people aren't open minded. Sometimes people don't get that change is necessary. Sometimes people playdown someone's abilities because they are afraid of reality.

And sometimes, as I've learned through my life, the best person or team doesn't win.

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