Saturday, August 30, 2008

T minus 9 and counting - The Pelini Era

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. Today is the dawn of the Bo Pelini era of Nebraska football. And I can't wait!

My prediction is Nebraska 54 - Western Michigan 28. The hubby says that WMU won't score 28 on our defense. Yes, he's also the man who decided to spend a little more $$ on the NU-ISU game last year and started his downward spiral into football predictions. :)

I'm hoping that throughout the season, fans realize that he's not GOD. He's a human being who shares his passion and vision for college football with young men from around the country. He's going to make mistakes in calls. The team will make mistakes on some plays. We'll win and we'll lose, but the bottom line is that we are learning and getting better! I just don't want fans to get down on him if something happens beyond his control.

Last year's negativity reached from Omaha to Sydney, Rulo to Harrison. Fans need a level head and then, good things will happen.

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